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about hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a natural element in our skin. It keeps skin moisturized, firm and supple. Environment and natural aging process contribute a lot into depletion of HA. This is the reason why skin becomes thinner and drier. It loses its elasticity and suppleness. Volume of the skin disappears...
Nowadays natural depletion of HA is not a problem  for modern woman. Simple injection every 6-12 months, and your skin looks great again! More than that, HA can also give skin some extra volume in those places, which need it most of all. Such as lips and cheeks... Some of the types of HA can be also used for face sculpturing.
What HA can do?

  • improve suppleness, elasticity and skin tone

  • correct wrinkles, fine lines and folds

  • sculp and shape the contours of your face 

  • crate more voluminous and seductive lips 

Purasac Co., Ltd (Rejeunesse) and MedyTox (Neuramis) are companies based in Seul, South Korea. Medytox reached nearly 40% of market share in Korea since 2009 and is expected to increase even further over the next years. With the goal of penetrating to the US and Europe, they plan to exceed 10% of the market share in the nearest future. Purasac Co., Ltd was founded in 2006. This company is dedicated to becoming a prominent leader in pharmaceutical, medical device and bio- technology industry worldwide.